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Fundraising for our Schools

The Tai Tapu House and Garden Tour 2024 is a collaboration between Tai Tapu School and Ladbrooks School. Tai Tapu and Ladbrooks are both small rural schools located about 20 mins south of Christchurch. The House and Garden Tour will be our largest fundraising event of 2024 and we hope to continue the collaboration for years to come.

Why do we need to fundraise?

Like most small schools within New Zealand Tai Tapu School and Ladbrooks School need to fundraise to provide additional funding to support the learning and development of our children. Typically we raise money to buy learning resources and playground equipment, subsidise school camps and sports uniforms, and maintain non government funded assets like school pools. 


Who manages the fundraising?

Tai Tapu School and Ladbrooks School both operate a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) that work as the fundraising arm of the school. Both schools have very active fundraising networks that run many events every year. 

How can I help with this fundraising event?

We need many volunteers to run this event. If you would like to help with any of the following tasks please contact us

  • erecting signs

  • parking marshals

  • house attendants

  • end of day clean up

  • bake sale stall

  • ticket holder sign in



Tai Tapu School

Tai Tapu School is one of the oldest primary schools in Canterbury and dates back to 1876. 

We are proud of a long tradition of semi-rural education, which combines the benefits of a semi-rural position with all the opportunities of contemporary educational practice.


We value our bicultural heritage and Te Tiriti o Waitangi | Treaty of Waitangi. Our tamariki are passionate learners who understand their strengths and how their actions make a difference.


Our Kaiako are inspirational, innovative and diverse. We ask them to spark and inspire our ākonga. 

Ladbrooks School

Established in 1889, we are a community-centered school with approximately 130 enthusiastic tamariki who are Ready, Willing, and Able to Learn Together.


We are a green-gold accredited semi-rural Enviroschool where the environment provides exciting, local, and authentic learning opportunities.

Catering for tamariki from New Entrants through to Year 8, Ladbrooks School has a proud tradition of providing high quality, innovative opportunities and experiences.


We actively encourage tuakana teina, where we all learn from, and support one another.

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