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2020 Art Exhibition 
Photographer - John Smith
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John is an accomplished landscape photographer, avid tramper, mountaineer and adventurer. He is

never without his camera, and loves to capture the moment, whether it is the vast landscape or a
tiny segment of the forest floor.
John has been photographing the natural world for 60+ years and has led several photographic tours
through the Middle East and completed expeditions in Nepal and the Arctic. He has hosted many
photographic exhibitions both here in New Zealand and overseas and has also authored/co-
authored twelve photography related books during his career.
Artist - Mike Glover
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Mike has his home and studio in Springston South near Lincoln. He has worked as an artist since the mid 1990s developing a recognisable style with his stripped back, colourful pastel paintings of the South Island landscape. The deterioration of the Selwyn/Waikirikiri River near his home and environmental issues in Canterbury are matters that have informed his work and his life for many years. The braided rivers of the South Island remain an enduring inspiration.

Photographer - Darryl Gilbert

Photographer Darryl Gilbert exhibits work from 'Collected Trees'. His work is inspired by the trees in Christchurch's Hagley Park.  This collection celebrates their existence and how they have stood as silent witnesses to almost the entire history of Christchurch. He uses a tripod and Hasselblad camera from the 1980's.

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